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7 Tips to Improve Your Home's Security

Protecting your family starts with protecting your home. But with so many home security resources available out there, gathering home security tips can be a bit overwhelming. We've compiled the top seven home security tips to help get you started on home security and protection. All of the tips are easy to implement and inexpensive.
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1. Install an Alarm System
Alarm systems generally come with 3 door sensors and one interior trap. An interior "motion sensor" is usually preferred as it will protect an area 25" in its field of view. It is normally activated when occupants are away from the home.
2. Light Up Your Home
New, more sophisticated alarm systems come with the ability to control lights, either automatically, or through a "SmartPhone". Lights can be turned on remotely either at specified times or manually. A popular light control feature is to have certain lights pop on when an entry door is opened.
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3. Window Protection
Be sure to LOCK your windows and be sure to cut back bushes where burglars could hide, especially in the backyard where they could crouch, as they work to gain window entry. Glass Break protection is available, and can protect against entry in multiple windows of one room, with just one device.
4. Don't Leave Keys In The Mailbox!
...or bird feeder, under the door mat, or above the ledge. Modern alarm systems can also utilize the installation of remote controlled door locks that can be opened and locked by your smartphone. If you really wish to leave a key, wrap it up in tin foil and put it in a spot only your family knows.
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Door locks - Security in Omaha, NE
5. Sliding Glass Doors
Make sure the hinges are on the inside. An inexpensive wooden dowel placed in the runway is a very good security precaution.
6. Best Protection Is Now Cell-Operated
In years past, the only way for a security system to send alarm notifications to the monitoring center was through a land-line. Now, the signal can be sent through a cell phone. WE SUGGEST BYPASSING AN ALARM SYSTEM WHERE THE ONLY SIGNAL IS SENT THROUGH A CABLE OR INTERNET CONNECTION. Cell is 24-7. No cables or telephone lines to be cut to make it non-functioning.
Deadbolt locks - Security in Omaha, NE
Deadbolt locks - Security in Omaha, NE
7. Garage Doors
Consider adding a "Lift" feature to an overhead garage door. Smartphone graphics, through your alarm system, will let you know whether the garage door is opened or closed. Your door can even open automatically, by use of GPS, as you approach your home.